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Elon Musk’s father says he is not proud of him; recommends diet pills

When asked about Elon Musk’s looks and recent shirtless pictures from his Greece trip, his father Errol Musk said, “Elon is very strongly built but he’s been eating badly.”

Elon Musk’s father Errol Musk said that he is not proud of his son. He got candid about his billionaire son, his work and family in an interview with Australia radio The Kyle and Jackie O Show. Errol revealed that he is not proud of Elon, adding that the Tesla CEO is unhappy with his own career progress.

When asked if he’s proud of Elon being a billionaire, Errol responded ‘no.’ Adding, “You know, we are a family that have sic been doing a lot of things for a long time. It’s not as if we suddenly started doing something.” Later, Errol stated that despite owning an entire fleet of luxury cars, he doesn’t own a single Tesla.

Errol said that Elon wasn’t as happy as he feels he is running five years behind schedule in his career and he is frustrated with progress. “I know it sounds crazy, but we tend to think like that as a family. He’s 50 now and I still think of him as a little boy. But he’s 50, I mean that’s an old man,” he added.

Not just this, when asked about Musk’s looks and recent shirtless pictures from his Greece trip, Errol also said, “Elon is very strongly built but he’s been eating badly.” Further, Errol stressed that he has suggested Elon take diet pills. 

The interview did not just provide the elder Musk a chance to punch down on his child. In addition to discussing Elon, Errol’s interview also touched upon recent news that he fathered two children with his stepdaughter, Jana Bezuidenhout.

Errol, 42 years older than Bezuidenhout, became her stepfather when she was four years old. He called his relationship with her “completely normal”. Those remarks echoed other earlier ones in which he claimed: “The only thing we are on Earth for is to reproduce.”

“I can’t see any reason not to,” he added.

Recently, a report said that Errol welcomed a daughter with 35-year-old Bezuidenhout three years ago. It emerged in 2018 that Errol had baby Elliot Rush, nicknamed Rushi and now five, with Bezuidenhout, who is 41 years his junior and he had raised since she was four.

The Tesla CEO was reported to have gone “berserk” when he found out his South African engineer dad had a child with Bezuidenhout, who lived with him while growing up.

Errol was married to Bezuidenhout’s mother, Heide for 18 years and had two children together.

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